Nguyễn Chiến Công


21 june 2024,

Learning chinese

I like the way the Chinese language works so I’ve built a web app deployed at I will keep improving the current features without adding new ones from now on.
It is intended to be used to access the knowledge tree of the language. I’ve condensed the grammar of the language into various types of sentences and words. It’s in Vietnamese though. It will stay free and ad-free as long as it exists. Probably, I will open-source it someday.

I’ve finished translating the Tao Te Ching in both Vietnamese and English.

Plants nursery

Our plants nursery/shop Lapinou is now closed. The whole thing was fun. I’ve come to appreciate our friends, the trees (木) more. We have moved our remaining plants to our new small flat. It’s a noisy area, but it has a West-directed view, which is perfect for watching sunset every day. Our cat will still be able to use his indoor litter box and his two cardboard properties and our dog will still have to bear the hostility of city dwellers.

Making music

I have to make a temporary halt to the process of composing a piano concerto and a symphony. Instead, with Jane and Pink Dawn, we’ve decided to make a RPG game in 2D with Godot to earn a living income, and mostly because it’s fun, and doing things together is even more fun. And, a game needs music too after all. I’ve given my digital piano to a friend a few months ago, and now we’re saving up for another one. So, once purchased, alongside playing for fun, I’ll be making game music and maybe composing a piano sonata.

Making a game

The name of the game will be - Wisdom of the Trees - (樹木的智慧 in Chinese, and 樹木の智慧 in Japanese).

And we are the - c本y crew - (pronounced K crew).

The word “cây” means “tree” or “” in Chinese and pronounced like “K” in Vietnamese, while “” means “root” and looks like “”.

Don’t know exactly how yet, but we plan to make a Kickstarter campaign to gather the funds beginning of 2025 to be able to do the work sustainably. We are building all the plans and stuff with Trello. I had a lot of fun coding with Gdscript, playing with Godot and implementing game design.

We are setting up our - c本y crew - office, which is also our home for now, with around 100+ plants/trees. Now, we need to buy a few PCs and some tablets for drawing. We’ll upgrade everything progressively and just powerful enough so we can run StableDiffusion.

Artificial Intelligence right now is kind of cool: it helps us code, draw, make voice-overs, and everything faster. Knowledge is cheap nowadays, and AI is an extension of mankind. Simply put, it’s just an optimisation algorithm using gradient descent to minimize errors, applied on a gigantic base of inputs, with enormous computing power. Funnily, it is something quite efficient, that which knows all the stuff yet so clueless about the thing behind the word, all the intricacies of life. Like man, as he is right now after all. Who is more intelligent than whom? That might be a silly question. Rather, shouldn’t one ask what is intelligence first? In Chinese, intelligence means , composed of 彗 (comet) and 心 (heart); it can be interpreted as light from the heart. And 智慧 (wisdom) literally means intelligence of the mind (active) or the intelligent mind (passive); it has the word 慧 in it. Shouldn’t the heart and the mind be one?

So, if one sees intelligence as something from the heart, not just as an ability to use experience and knowledge efficiently, then Artificial Intelligence is still artificial, just a mere cultivated intelligence, with no passion, no love. It is a powerful tool though. And, in that same line of thought, as long as man doesn’t radically change, society will not change, and AI will always be biased.

Fun right?

Things that I like: