Nguyễn Chiến Công


I think a game is a great way to write a book in our days. For the traditional book with words, I find that many people do not read past a few sentences because they are stuck filtering each sentence that they read with their guards always up. Even though the answer might come a few sentences or paragraphs further, they will stop before reaching that part and judge right away because the attention span nowadays is too short. There’s no flow, so there’s difficulty in guiding someone’s thoughts with a book. People just want immediacy and a sense of decision-making to strengthen their feelings.

So a game is a much more engaging way to touch base with one’s own consciousness. Fortunately, our time allows us to do so. I can’t speak for the future, but in the past centuries, people couldn’t make books as video games. I can’t say if this will radically change things. Let’s see.

Making a game

With Jane and Pink Dawn, we’ve decided to make a RPG game in 2D with Godot.

The name of the game will be - Wisdom of the Trees - (樹木的智慧 in Chinese, and 樹木の智慧 in Japanese).

And we are the - c本y crew - (pronounced K crew).

The word “cây” means “tree” or “木” in Chinese and pronounced like “K” in Vietnamese, while “本” means “root” and looks like “”.

Don’t know exactly how yet, but we plan to make a Kickstarter campaign to gather the funds beginning of 2025 to be able to do the work sustainably. We are building all the plans and stuff with Trello. I had a lot of fun coding with Gdscript, playing with Godot and implementing game design.

We need to upgrade a few PCs and buy some tablets for drawing, kind of expensive after all. Guess, we’ll upgrade everything progressively and just powerful enough so we can run StableDiffusion.